Paul Fishman, freelance writer and editor

I’m a freelance writer and editor with a background in publishing and the book trade. Until December 2016 I lived and worked in the UK city of Bristol (south-west England), but I’m now based in the English Lake District (Cumbria). I work with clients across the UK and as far away as Australia.


I write features, reviews and stories, and work on all sorts of commercial and educational projects as a copywriter. My writing interests include history, literature, TV and film, current affairs, science, and food and drink, but then there’s usually some way into a subject—as often as not, boredom is a failure of imagination.


I copy-edit journal articles, books and associated academic text; edit and rewrite copy for websites, brochures and educational and promotional material, adding headlines, straplines, standfirsts, pull quotes and the like as required; provide editorial advice. I’m equally comfortable editing work by non-native English speakers and sophisticated native speakers

Clients and credits

Clients include: Bauer Media, blu inc, Exeter Premedia, Future plc, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), IOP Publishing, LargeNetwork, the Microbiology Society, Refraction Media, Research Media, SAGE Publications and the University of Bristol.

Writing credits include: Alderman Lushington, All About History, Chroma, Empire, International Innovation and related titles, Nudge Books, Politics Means Politics, Shiny New Books, Spelk, Technologist and Waterstone’s Books Quarterly.

More information and contact

A more CV-like professional profile is available on LinkedIn, and a full CV and references are available on request.

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Please contact me if you have seen seen anything on the site that interests you, or if you would like to work together.

Freelance or freelancer?

Both are correct and in the Oxford English Dictionary. Freelance (‘free lance’) came first, starting as a 19th-century term for something medieval: ‘a type of military adventurer, typically of knightly rank, who offered his services to states or individuals for payment, or with a view to plunder; a mercenary soldier’. Some time after it took on its current meaning(s), e.g. ‘A person who makes himself or herself available to be engaged for work on particular assignments or projects, rather than being engaged on a long-term or permanent basis by a single employer’. Freelancers was occasionally used as a synonym for the first meaning of freelance in the 19th century, but became much more common as an alternative to the modern ‘freelance’ in the 20th century. I’d guess that freelancer is now more popular than freelance. Still, I like the connection with freebooting, roguish knights and prefer the older etymology, so I always call myself a freelance. I don’t mind if others differ, so long as we understand each other.

Quoted definitions taken from the Oxford English Dictionary.

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