A short lexicon for Twitter users. Part 1

A man sits at his desk with a devil on one shoulder and a cherub on the other, considering what to tweet. Credit: Wellcome Library, London (CC BY 4.0).

Some words and phrases that could come in handy when using Twitter, especially political/opinionated Twitter. (You can follow my own sporadic but uniformly bland tweeting here.) Continue reading

Some ways to mix and drink a martini

Credit: The Thin Man.

I wrote a piece on the martini for Alderman Lushington.

The martini is a simple cocktail, with few ingredients and one overarching principle—it should combine maximal coldness with minimal dilution. However, it’s also quite technical and a beautiful example of the narcissism of small differences; add the wrong quantity of vermouth or cool it the wrong way and there are people who will think you’ve revealed yourself as being lower than a monkey and more vicious than a cat…

Read the whole piece here.