King Arthur and the cavern of jewelled fishes

Eve Stockton Woodland Landscape II

Image reproduced with permission from Woodland Landscape II (36″ x 72″, woodcut, ed. 5), © Eve Stockton 2005.

This began with a wager—write a children’s novel in six weeks. I didn’t win, but then there’s this adult short story instead. It’s something of a curiosity, a period piece and a Great War not-coming-of-age tale. Continue reading

The Difficulty of Being a Dog by Roger Grenier

difficulty-dog-wpcf_179x216The Difficulty of Being a Dog by Roger Grenier (translated Alice Kaplan). An upmarket jumble sale of a book, mostly about dogs. My Nudge review.

The difficulty of reviewing this book: there is some. Just what is it, exactly? Who and what is it for? It’s mostly about dogs, but isn’t really a dog book. It’s something of an anthology and something of a memoir, but you wouldn’t call it either. There’s some philosophy and opinion, but the author doesn’t have a point to make. He’s what the novelist Robertson Davies called ‘an advocate of ornamental knowledge’…

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